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I have been working with J. Paul since 2008. I have refinanced my home several times over the years for various reasons and he is the only one I call because he is honest, trustworthy and I consider him family.

M. Myrick. Artesia


J. Paul was great to work with. He made the entire process very easy. J. Paul was extremely responsive to all our questions and we were able to complete our refinance on schedule without any hiccups. We highly recommend his services and look forward to using him again.
E. Cruzalegui. Costa Mesa


Can we give Newman Financial 6 Stars? Because 5 seems too little. We have used J. Paul for our mortgage needs for the last decade simply because of the service he provides. Throughout each process he kept us informed, up to date, prepared us with timelines of things that were happening and always came in sooner than projected. When you deal with J Paul, he is a straight shooter, no fluff or over promises from this guy. This alone speaks to the character of him but more importantly it’s his attention to detail and him taking the time to understand “your needs”- and he always delivers! Simply put, J. Paul makes you feel like family and in todays business world I find that a rare quality. He is the best in the business IMO. Thanks again J. Paul for always having our best interest at heart and always taking care of our needs. You’re the best.
M. Wayne. Victorville


I have worked with Mr. Wilson several times in the past six years. Most recently, November 2022. I refinanced my home through the VA program. The process was simple because he told me everything that was going to happen before it happened so there were no surprises. I called, made him aware of my needs and he took it from there. I appreciate his approach and ability to get things done in a timely manner. He would also contact me periodically to say hi or update me on market changes and the different loan options that might help me. His professional recommendations were always spot on. Should I desire to get back in the real estate arena again & buy, sell, or refi, Mr. Wilson would be the first person I would call. I trust his judgment, knowledge, and integrity implicitly. Respectfully,
S. DeNunzio. Indio

We were initially referred to J. Paul by our financial advisor. Over the years, J. Paul confidently assisted our family with a couple of refinances and the process was always faster and easier than we expected. J. Paul clearly communicated the loan process, kept us informed throughout, and then presented us with the best options. We highly recommend J. Paul!

N. Manchester. Costa Mesa

Over the years we have gone to J. Paul for all of our mortgage needs. He initially helped us with our first purchase in California, and then he was there again when we wanted to refinance years later. A couple of years ago we were looking to purchase a second home in the desert and J. Paul was able to expertly navigate all of the speed bumps that come with being self-employed and trying to participate in a highly competitive, fast-moving real estate marketplace. Not to mention that we were in a partial lockdown and dealing with a pandemic. In retrospect, having a consummate professional who has seen it all, who creates an environment of clear and timely communication, and who will go the extra mile to make it happen for you, made all the difference. J. Paul is an invaluable resource when it comes to making your real estate plans come to fruition. Highly recommended.

L. Dumas. Corona Del Mar


J. Paul Wilson is a solid professional who takes the time to walk his clients through every single aspect and option for their mortgage or refinancing process. He has assisted me and members of my family throughout the years, found us rock-bottom pricing and did it with the highest level of customer service. And he's FAST too! Our family has, and will continue to utilize his services forever. Highly recommended!

M. Harris. Costa Mesa


We trust J. Paul implicitly! We have refinanced our home three times with J. Paul. His attention to detail was impressive. On several occasions he found errors we had made and on one occasion he found an error made by our CPA. He always exhibited patience and professionalism when faced with requirements that were time-consuming and tedious. We highly recommend using J. Paul primarily because of his honesty and integrity. We appreciate J. Paul for the years he has served our family.

L. Gregory. Corona Del Mar


J. Paul was referred to me by a close friend. Interest rates were going down and I was interested in refinancing. My friend told me about the rate the J. Paul had gotten for his refi and it was better than what I was finding elsewhere. I contacted J. Paul about my refinance and he went to work. I am always somewhat skeptical about mortgages, interest rates, points, etc. It all seems very complicated and it seems easy to pay more than you need to if you don't really know everything about mortgages. J. Paul explained all of my options, the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and how each might affect my short and long term financial goals. J. Paul is great at helping to understand what is going on. He is honest and sincere which really helped me feel good about my decision to refinance my home. After my initial refi with J. Paul in 2012, rates continued to fall. A few years later, J. Paul contacted me and told me I might be able to save money in the long run if I planned to stay in my home and refinanced again at a lower rate and a shorter term.. He showed me all the numbers and explained how a new mortgage would affect my finances depending on how long I planned to stay in my home. I did refinance a second time with J. Paul because he was able to show me exactly how much I would save over the years. A few years later, my daughter and son-in-law went shopping for their first home. J. Paul took very good care of them with their initial purchase, and they also ended up refinancing when rates fell. Last year we bought a vacation home and again, J. Paul gave us invaluable advice on how to best mortgage that type of home and how to shave to money off of the purchase price. I trust J. Paul to give me the best service possible when it comes to acquiring a mortgage. His extensive experience and caring demeanor always leave me feeling that I have gotten the best deal possible.

R. Wichman. San Juan Capistrano

Since 2015, J. Paul Wilson has helped us with four loan transactions ranging from refinancing existing loans to obtaining a new loan for a home purchase. In every transaction, he has demonstrated that he is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and great to work with. J. Paul has helped us find the best rates and loans for each transaction. During the loan process, he always explains the paperwork and other requirements clearly throughout each step, as well as going the extra mile when needed--his excellent communication with my realtors kept my transaction moving forward. I can’t thank him enough for all his help. These are only a few of the reasons why I go to him first and have recommended him to my friends and family.

C. Davis. Huntington Beach


The Best! Happy to say our family has been doing business with J. Paul since 2009. He has handled three separate properties in three different counties for us. When you begin service with J. Paul, you can expect an easy, efficient, and confidential experience. In the last 14 years, J. Paul has assisted our family with various services. Starting in 2009, removing a 15-year-old lien that was never properly released, over the years, five refinances, and the granddaddy of them all, the purchase of a new home during Covid. It has been a true pleasure every time we have worked with J. Paul. Our sincerest thanks from the entire Medlin Family.

A. Medlin. Anaheim


J. Paul was referred to us by a family member and we have continued to use his expertise and services for quite a few years. He has helped us with a couple of refi’s and most recently a home purchase for our son. My only regret is that we didn’t check in with him sooner because rates had started climbing and I was assuming my son wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage. I was wrong. J. Paul worked tirelessly to help us find financing that would work. J. Paul is honest, efficient, and thorough.

J. Stewart. Tustin

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