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If you need a residential
mortgage loan...We do it!

There are many different types of mortgage loans available to homeowners and many different reasons why one would choose one loan over another. Conventional, Jumbo, Reverse, VA, FHA, the list goes on... Most peoples mortgage needs are "relatively" the same in that we all want to save money and get the lowest rate with the least amount of costs, right? But what is unique in the mortgage process is your personal motivation or your "why." Not everyone's "why" is the same. Your finances are probably not the same as your neighbors, friends or family so the strategy by which your goal is accomplished will be absolutely unique to your personal situation. That's where we come in. Just give us a call and after we get a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, we will let you know the best options available. Real simple, straight talk. It either makes sense or it doesn't. And...the advice is free! To find out how we can help, call

​949 673 SURF

Why Newman Financial?

We're a local, small business mortgage broker located in Costa Mesa since 2003. 90% of our customers are referral based and repeat business. Please check out our testimonials! We're different in that unlike working with "The Big Lenders," you are not going to feel like you are buying a car or get passed around from one person to another. You're going to work directly with Jeff or J. Paul from start to finish. Our business model is and always will be to provide expert advice that is tailor fitted to meet your specific needs. We do this with clear and respectful straight talk. We're not here to talk you into something and we are not afraid to tell you if a loan is not going to work or doesn't make sense. Our customers appreciate this and we know you will too. You are the driver. We are the navigation system that helps you get where you want to be.

To find out how we can help, call

949 673 SURF

Why should I use a mortgage  broker?

As a wholesale mortgage broker we are approved to originate and close loans with many different lenders and we can choose a lender that best meets your specific needs. For example, your bank, credit union or one of "The Big" mortgage companies you see on tv or the internet are limited to their own in house products. One lender may be competitive in one area but not in another. Working with a mortgage broker can provide you with more options, better rates and ensure that you find the right fit. Think about it, do you really think that having a huge staff and spending millions in advertising is going to be passed down to you... the borrower? Someone has got to pay for it and 9 times out of 10 it's going to be you in the way of a higher rate or higher fees.

Broker every time!

To find out how we can help, call

949 673 SURF

What do you mean demystify? 

Simply put, getting a mortgage loan doesn’t have to be difficult but you need someone working for you that knows the process and can explain it to you clearly. Someone who will give straight answers, identify and address potential challenges upfront and close your loan in a timely manner with the least amount of stress possible. Having these skills eliminates 90% of the dread or drama of getting a mortgage. Please check out our testimonials! We are very proud and honored that our customers took the time to share their experiences with us and used words and phrases like "easy, honest, thorough, listens, takes the time, trustworthy, caring, goes the extra mile, confidential & efficient." This is what you can expect working Newman Financial.

Do unto others as they say:-)

To find out how we can help, call

949 673 SURF.

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